Top Tweaks for Staying Organized and Skyrocketing Productivity + Tracking Sheet and DIY Video

Top Tweaks for Staying Organized & Skyrocketing Productivity + tracking sheet & DIY video
I’ve already admitted to you that I try to do it all. I cram every minute of my day full of tasks from caring for my kids to doing housework to networking, handling clients’ requests, and doing the personal part—branding, marketing, and blogging—for my business. For someone who dreamed of being a writer, spending hours in a dark room at a computer and opening my imagination up on the page just doesn’t happen that often.

I imagine that many mommy-preneurs suffer from the same problem. You think about your story as you push your kids on the swing. You place different t-shirts together to figure out brand colors while you fold laundry. You wonder where you can buy more hours for your day as you toss cans of soup into the shopping cart. And in the fleeting moments that you have for exercise, you stare blankly ahead of you, planning your next move while you curl those 15-pound dumbbells. Trust me. I know.

Authors and business owners alike frequently bite off more than they can handle simply because they don’t have the funds for a team yet. It’s typical. But with a few tweaks, you really can cram even more into your day without going crazy. At least, I don’t think I’ve gone crazy yet. Continue reading