Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + Free Downloads

Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + free download
Let’s just admit that we all try to pack too many things into each day with the hopes of achieving it all. I’m guilty myself. Just this morning, I was thinking, “I have a two-hour block of time this afternoon while my baby naps. I need to write a blog post, plan social media, write an eBook . . .” And then I, sadly, had to scale back.

The part of my business that involves connecting with the public, providing useful content, and attracting new clients is a lot of work on its own. I write a blog each week and populate Twitter and Facebook feeds. I share my blog on both of those feeds, as well as LinkedIn and Pinterest. I also develop freebies to help out other businesses and authors, make an occasional video, attend networking events, and try to check in on social media sites and groups I belong to. So basically, anything that will help me save time is just amazing! Continue reading