Using Your Voice to Share Your Story, Instead of Demanding Silence

Using Your Voice to Share Your Story

I encourage people to speak up, to tell their stories, to write their books and share with the world for so many reasons. We need to understand each other, and we can’t possibly have all the experiences that can be had on this planet, good and bad, in one lifetime. Even if two people share an experience, what are the chances that it affected them the same way, anyway?

This is why something I read online over the weekend was so disturbing to me. In a country where we encourage discourse and value our right to speak out, multiple U.S. cities held women’s rallies, which resulted in opinions of such being expressed across the internet. I spotted a post circulating on Facebook that started with “I am not a ‘disgrace to women’ because I don’t support the women’s march.”

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Keeping the Peace on Social Media

Keeping the Peace on Social Media

We all know that the comment section of an online article is frequently the most interesting part of the post, especially if the article is about a potentially inflammatory topic. We have also all likely seen posts on Facebook followed by countless incendiary comments, where people bicker back and forth in a fruitless attempt to convert the other person to their side. And if you are on Facebook reading the comments of others long enough or have suffered from enough difficult days that you just need to remark on it, most of us have caved to posting something we aren’t so proud of on our own pages. I’ve done it. Don’t be embarrassed. It happens.

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Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + Free Downloads

Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + free download
Let’s just admit that we all try to pack too many things into each day with the hopes of achieving it all. I’m guilty myself. Just this morning, I was thinking, “I have a two-hour block of time this afternoon while my baby naps. I need to write a blog post, plan social media, write an eBook . . .” And then I, sadly, had to scale back.

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