Overcoming Writer’s Block Caused by Fear

081617_Overcoming Writer’s Block Caused by Fear

Of all the different things that cause writer’s block, fear can be the most difficult one to hurdle. It’s not something you can get over in an afternoon. It’s not something that passes with a mood. It can be very real and paralyzing, and it can prevent you from ever starting your book, let alone finishing it.

Sometimes we freeze when we start thinking about what happens next. What will people think of me? Will anyone read this? How can I let myself be judged?

Being authentic is scary, and opening your soul to the world—whether you write fiction or non—requires some degree of bravery. Unless you are a narcissist, you likely care about what people think of you and your writing.

So how do you get over this seemingly insurmountable hurdle? Continue reading

The Right Energy for Writing

Have you ever noticed that when you have a rough day, you just don’t feel like writing? Maybe you sit down at your desk and push yourself anyway. If you actually type anything though and don’t end up tossing your laptop against the wall, when you go back later and read it, is it any good?

Probably not.

There is a good reason for this. You are in the wrong energy for writing.

When you aren’t in the flow of your best energy, then you aren’t going to write like you. It can feel forced, frustrated, angry. And worst of all, when you read it later, that energy shines through. You don’t want to read it, and no one else will either.

The best thing you can do is to actually put yourself in the mood for writing. Continue reading

Why Sometimes “Done” is Better than “Perfect”

Why Sometimes “Done” is Better than “Perfect”

Writing a book can bring out a plethora of emotions.

One day, you are completely infatuated with your book. Every word you write is golden. Your characters are immaculate. Your plot virtually oozes with chocolate ganache.

Other days, it’s like lead. The words feel heavy, the characters stiff. You flat out hate it. You consider scrapping the whole thing and just watching sitcoms in your spare time. Eating Doritos. Wearing pajama pants. Crying. I’m so sorry.

But, rest assured, we have all been there. Even with my books firmly self-published and in the hands of readers, I debate about deleting them from Amazon. Are they good enough? Who knows? How can we ever TRULY know if what we write is good enough. I bet the greats wonder themselves. Continue reading

How Fear of Failure Keeps us from Writing

How Fear of Failure Keeps Us from Writing

Do you ever look around and think, “Only famous people get their books published?” or “No one is going to buy my books. Why bother?”

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about stepping outside of your comfort zone to tell your personal story or share your expertise. But then you recall that another expert might put you in your place. What if your ideas are wrong?

Every writer has thoughts like these from time to time. But are they completely true?

Fear of failure can keep people from writing their books. No one likes to look stupid, so we hesitate when confronted with thoughts about being unable to publish, unable to sell, or unable to compete with others in our industry.

So what’s the truth? Continue reading

How to Work Around Writer’s Block and Reboot Your Creative Momentum + Free Download

032217_How to Work Around Writer’s Block and Reboot Your Creative Momentum

Last Friday, I participated in a great talk with my mastermind group about creativity and problem solving. We are all creative in some way, even if it isn’t with a paint brush or a piano keyboard. Looking at problem solving as a creative activity really expanded what we consider to be creative, and it gave me a whole new perspective on how people work around writer’s block.

We talked about “hitting the wall” as a general term for when we no longer have creative momentum in our businesses, which is frequently writer’s block for us writers. It happens to people in all industries. Sometimes, it’s difficult to come up with new products, slogans, solutions, or paths to explore. We all feel burnt out and need to refuel. Continue reading

Organizing All Your Incomplete Stories

All Your Incomplete Stories

I noticed a few years ago that my “Documents” folder was filling up quickly with tons of random documents: some stories and some just stuff that I needed to track or make note of. Obviously, because I’m a super organized person, I needed to clean up and organize this folder. So I put all my writing in one folder and labeled it “Writing.”

But that’s really blah. It didn’t make me want to jump in there and wrap up anything I’d started on. So last year, I relabeled it “Story Vault.”

Doesn’t that sound fancy and important and private? A story vault. Yeah. Continue reading

My Best Writing and Editing Advice for 2016

My Best Writing and Editing Advice for 2016

For my 2016 wrap-up, I’ve sorted through all my blogs and pulled out the best advice for writers, from setting yourself up to write with the correct mindset to mitigating writer’s block to editing like a pro. Here are the best juicy tidbits, as well as links to the full blog post for more details.

Enjoy! And make the most of the last few days of 2016 by thinking about your writing! Continue reading

Why You Should Develop a Writing Ritual and How

Why You Should Develop a Writing Ritual and How

Humans are creatures of habit. It’s likely that you get up in the morning and perform the same tasks—breakfast, teeth brushing, breakfast, exercise, shower, etc.—in your preferred order almost every day. It’s soothing to us to have a set schedule and have control over it. We know what to expect.

One of the things that everyone tells new parents is that children need a schedule. You’re supposed to set up a ritual for mornings, nap times, meals, and bed times. Children learn what to expect when they see you setting certain things on the cupboard. This comforts them. Or, like with my oldest, it prompts an immediate fight. “You’re NOT brushing my teeth. I’m NOT going to bed.” Yes you are, dear. Continue reading

Tricks for Overcoming Writer’s Block + Free Download

Tricks for Overcoming Writer's Block
Over the last few days, I developed a blog post for a fellow writer’s blog. I spent more time on it than I do for my own blog, which is funny to me, but I wanted to make sure it was appropriate for her audience and essentially didn’t let her down. I also have been listening to webinars in the afternoon (every afternoon, yikes!) about developing online courses, which I’m very excited about. Consequently, though, my creative juices were waning, and when I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was greeted with crickets. Continue reading