Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + Free Downloads

Pro Time-Management Tips for Maximizing Your Blog + free download
Let’s just admit that we all try to pack too many things into each day with the hopes of achieving it all. I’m guilty myself. Just this morning, I was thinking, “I have a two-hour block of time this afternoon while my baby naps. I need to write a blog post, plan social media, write an eBook . . .” And then I, sadly, had to scale back.

The part of my business that involves connecting with the public, providing useful content, and attracting new clients is a lot of work on its own. I write a blog each week and populate Twitter and Facebook feeds. I share my blog on both of those feeds, as well as LinkedIn and Pinterest. I also develop freebies to help out other businesses and authors, make an occasional video, attend networking events, and try to check in on social media sites and groups I belong to. So basically, anything that will help me save time is just amazing! Continue reading

How to Perfectly Plan Your Blog Post Writing + free download

How to Perfectly Plan Your Blog Post Writing + free download
Plenty of blogs give you the low down on why you should blog, how to boost SEO, writing the perfect title to get more shares, or what topics to cover, but when you finally sit down and stare at your screen, what are you going to say?

I typically shoot for 500-800 words for a blog (and the experts lean toward the longer end of that, even around 1,000 words). For many business owners and authors, though, that can be daunting. How can you provide that much helpful content without rambling or repeating yourself?

Planning, my dears. Planning.

And that’s more than just picking a topic and typing about it until you meet the word count. Continue reading