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If you’re here, then you’ve at least been thinking about writing a book. I’m sure you have lots of questions though.

How do I begin? How can I make myself finish? When am I ready to publish? How do I know if my book is good? How do I publish a book? Will anyone read it?

All those questions are enough to stop your creativity in its tracks and slam the brakes on what could be a beautiful manuscript!

Writing is hard. Writing your own story can be even harder. Not only are you trying to embark on an unfamiliar journey, but you are also putting yourself out there in a big way. Your story is personal. Your experience is special. Sharing it with the world brings up self-doubt, fear, and other road-blocks that can derail you.

You can easily imagine yourself—your own book in hand—speaking to crowds, addressing students, talking one-on-one with someone you inspired, or helping a client get through a crisis. You know that your personal story can make a difference in someone’s life or in someone’s business. You want to help. You want to educate. You want to inspire.

Now how do you make that dream a reality?

You could dig around online every time you have a question, hoping to run across an answer that makes sense . . . and doesn’t involve a half-hour YouTube video. (Funny how you soon find yourself frustrated, reading your Facebook feed and giving up on your precious writing time, though.)

Or, you could work with an ally in the writing and publishing process who can help reduce your stress, direct you along the author path, keep you writing, and ensure you reach your goal with a polished, fabulous book—the best you could possibly write, better than you could have imagined.



Hi, I’m Cori. And I help people just like you crush their writing fears, complete their manuscripts, publish their books, and finally put their own books in the hands of excited readers.

If this sounds like your dream, then let’s set up a time to chat about your book! I want to help you make your dream a reality!


Clarity Call (Free!)

Free 30-minute chat about your book writing and your needs. Let’s get to know each other and discover how I can help you.

Introductory Session ($375)

Includes 60-90 minutes one-on-one to plan and outline your book; meeting in-person for Pittsburgh, Pa., area, Skype or phone anywhere.

Author Package

I can help you write your book so you can book more clients, demonstrate your expertise, speak at events, tell your story, inspire others, educate your audience, finally become an author, or do whatever you have been dreaming of! Imagine the possibilities!

You get—

  • 2, 60-minutes call per month to discuss my manuscript review notes and your blocks
  • Weekly accountability
  • Action steps to begin your author platform (if needed)
  • Unlimited email access

I’ll help you with writing and the blocks that keep you from finishing your book (writer’s block, fear, etc.). I’ll keep you on track, so set a date for your book launch!

  • 12-Month: $6599
  • 6-Month: $3299
  • 3-Month: $1799

Group Coaching

Support, accountability, and actionable steps are all you need to write your best book possible! Get the goals, encouragement, support, and accountability to rock your first draft with my Write Like Magic: 6 Months to Done group coaching program.

Write Like Magic is $1197 or 6 monthly payments of $247.

Click here for more details.

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